Formula #7 Elysium Field Candle

Formula #7 Elysium Field Candle

California memories sealed in wax

Certain fragrances can evoke a memory, a place or an emotion. I've developed 11 unique candles with natural fragrances inspired by my experiences in Topanga Canyon, California.

Situated along the coast by Los Angeles, Topanga Canyon is a surprisingly wild place. It is also known for being a home to free-thinking writers, artists, actors, musicians, hippies, eccentrics and some off-the-grid folks too. It all makes for an interesting place to call home, and a source of inspiration for 19candles.

My candles can be found in a variety of interesting stores in the US, Europe and Asia. For a stockist near you, or to inquire about selling my candles in your store, please email us at  

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